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Our Relationship

A strong affiliation based on communication and trust is critical to the long-term success of an investment relationship. One of the most important issues to consider when hiring an investment advisor is the relationship you hope to establish. While it is your money that we will be investing, there are specific items for which each of us is responsible.

What to expect from us…

  • To design, recommend and implement an appropriate investment strategy consistent with the investment objectives, time horizon, risk profile, guidelines and constraints outlined in our meetings.
  • To advise you about the selection of and the allocation of assets.
  • To monitor the performance of all selected assets.
  • To periodically review the suitability of our investments with you on an annual basis, or at such other times you may request.
  • To make ourselves available on a reasonable basis to be reached for telephone communication when needed.
  • To recommend changes to any of the above.
  • To be honest and realistic with your goals.

What we expect from you…

  • To define the investment objectives and policies.
  • To direct us to make changes in the investment policy and oversee and to approve or disapprove any of my recommendations with regards to the policy, guidelines, objectives and specific investments on a timely basis.
  • To provide us with all relevant information on your financial conditions and risk tolerance, and to update me on any changes to these matters.
  • To read and understand your portfolio statements and bring any questions or concerns about the portfolio, or any investments in the portfolio to our attention.
  • To be honest and realistic with your goals.